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Guest naroon

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Guest naroon

Hi to all at the forum,can someone suggest a good prog for enhancing the quality of a dvd prior to backing it up.Back in the day of vcr to vcr i had a "toy" that could change the sharpness,colour,contrast ect,of a tape prior to copying it.If someone can suggest a prog that can do this with dvds,that would be great.

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Guest Hawk7

Yeah, here's one you might want to check out...

Enhance Movie


Support of all popular video formats

All popular video formats including ASF, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, QT, WMV are supported. EnhanceMovie improves everything you work with.

But if you're looking for just dvd I'm not to sure.

BTW, I did a crack for this, but I never released it yet because it still needs to be tested. I hope this helps.

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