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Wonder Woman Dup Skin


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I thought I'd contribute to the super-hero theme that I've been seeing, except add a sexy twist :D .

Opinions welcome!


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filez (resource, region, colors, tune, font) moved to downloads section

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Cool! Skin, It looks like Wonder Lena151 to me :D

Good Job for that sexy thing Ecliptic..... :thumbsup: and thanks for including the font... ;)


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Very nice one Ecliptic! But ~700KB is very big for a compiled patch. Did you tried to set the color index to 256 of the pic? It will compress the BMP more and a compiled patch of ~70KB should be ok ;)

EDIT: i attached a patch with 256color index bitmap ;) You see it's only ~80KB big.

Greetz Jada^AoC


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Thanks for all the comments.

I wasn't going to include those red stars (you know which ones!), but I wanted to respect Ted's request for no nudity.

@ oricode...

Oops, i forgot to turn on the about button and exit button layers in photoshop when I saved the sample image. But don't fear, the buttons are inlcuded in the resource.

@ Jada

Yea, I did try converting the image to a 256 color bitmap, but it really degraded the quality :( . I thought I would post the higher quality, and leave it up to you crackers to compress it or lower it to a 256 color image. Notice in the one you posted - her skin isn't very smooth.... I must say however, your 256 looks better than the one I tried. Did you use Photoshop to change it to 256, or some other app? I'll try it again and post a revision.

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i used Ulead Photo Express for compressing the color index. It's better then all programs i tested ;)

Greetz Jada^AoC

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Guest G0TCHA

Wow! that's the most wonderful skin you ever made Ecliptic! (my viewpoint)

it's really nice :thumbsup:

Edit : is there any chance you may share the PSD ? there are plenty thing to learn from that one ! :D

Keep it up that way :thumbsup:

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I was able to reduce the color depth and reduce the file size :D . See the original post.

Not sure that I want to share my PSD on this one..... hmmmm..... I'll think about it.

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