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Hey, everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I figured I'd drop by and mention something.

The SWGEmu project, an emulator for emulating Star Wars Galaxies servers from before Sony Online messed the game up with the "Combat Upgrade", is looking for reversers. They hope to find someone who can study the game client and tell them where data is going when it hits the client, what the packet structures of various commands are, things like that. If anyone is up to the challenge, their website is located at: http://www.swgemu.com

and their irc information is: irc.idlemonkeys.net #swg

Or, if you just want more information on the project, feel free to PM me or contact me on IRC. I hope someone here will consider this, it's a great project that's going far, but they recently lost their only assembly buff to college, and need a new reverser.

Even if you don't know how to reverse, but can code well, they've gone open source and are accepting code submissions. The emulator core is written in C++, and the database requires some understanding of MySQL.

Just a bit of information on progress so far: the server successfully emulates the login process, and basic game functions, such as walking, warping, and the combat system is being worked on at the moment. They've put a ton of time into this, and I'd hate to see it get stuck due to a lack of personnel. They are even teaching packet analysis to members willing to contribute to the project, so if you're even mildly interested in how mmorpgs work, head on over!

I hope I've gotten some peoples' attention with regards to this project, and hope to see some of you over there! If you plan to head over, PM me so I can vouch for you with the devs :D



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