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Netscape Hacked By Digg Users


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The almost dead star of 1990s was hacked. Netscape?s website included cross-site scripting vulnerability, which allowed hackers to include some external scripts into their web. The probable reason for this was one article comparing Digg and Netscape. I?m quite satisfied user of Digg and never heard that Netscape has something similar, but it looked like their copied the most of Digg?s ideas to their website, although there?s not many readers or people who submit new articles.The result of hack was quite visible for every user of Netscape.com - random popups with text like ?Tom Way is the sexiest man alive?, ?This site sucks? or some others. What?s even more interesting, Netscape owners still didn?t patch all vulnerable scripts, you can try it by clicking here. Although I use only Google and sometimes Yahoo for searching on the internet, company like Netscape should care much more about their security and also about proper fixing of the problem when it appears?


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