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Guest Buzifer

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Guest Buzifer

I would like some feedback on my latest work, i guess this is a better place to show gfx stuff, since there actually are people here who do it themself! :sorc: I hope its okay!

A patch skin i use for the moment.


And a background/wallpaper. I set the bgcolor to black and center the image for a nice look.


The text is from a chapter in The Egyptian Book of the Dead B)


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Teddy Rogers

I particularly like the patch template, interesting design ;)

Feel free to post more artwork and even upload them to the Gallery if you wish. All teams are welcome here... :)


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Guest Buzifer

Thanks Teddy, i really feel welcomed here! :) , i uploaded the pictures to the gallery.

@starzboy, thanks for the comment. :)

Btw, iam in a blue period now, just like picasso was. :P

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead... I'm guessing that not "light" reading :rolleyes: . I think both graphics look good.

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Guest Buzifer

It almost looks like this

Why do they look similar?

Things that are different.

Programname is located in different places.

I don?t use highlights on the text.

I use reflection on the text

the buttons look , yeah different.

I use a picture in the middle. (Taken by me)

I would say that all graphics done in Photoshop have a certain look. We work with shape tools. Use transparency, pixel fonts. Besides, there are color rules. Contrasting harmony,Standard, lighter / darker, progressive etc etc. Let me show you some examples.


Would green look good here, no. Would red? no.

So this also looks like your skin? It uses these colorrules here to. This piece of crap was made for like a half year ago. Take a look.


So take a deep breath m8. :sorc:

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Guest Buzifer

Yeah i forgot, be sure to check out the gallery.

SND Wallpaper by AK-47

Hybr!d Wallpaper #7

GeXz Wallpaper

Clear Blue -forgotten

Jinn -starzboy

Sub-Zero -starzboy

This is some nice examples of contrast /lighter darker colorschemes. All in blue ;)

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