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Just wanted to say hello I'm new here and thought i'd start by saying hi,and asking a quick question.I just Downloaded olly dbg and am really not familiar with all the progs and plug ins i'll be needing,can someone give me a tip on what a beginner shold have to start?And,I'm 40 years old and don't have a programming background,will it be even possible to learn this or am i wasting my time :rolleyes: but i am really interested in learnig this,I find it somehow fascinating.

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Hey snap welcome to the forums.

I'm sorry to start out negatively, but you made your thread in the wrong place.

It should go in the topic called "All Hello Or Thankyou Posts Here!, Announce yourself here :)"


For learning you can download any of the tutorials listed in the distribution sites.


I'm sure within no time you'll be able to do the basics. There are many good tutorials available. I know when I came, I was completely clueless as well, but I'm always learning.

And always, remember to get a general understanding of how this forum works by reading the forum rules


Enjoy your stay =?

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