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[tutorial] Making A Simple Patch Template

Guest dave1

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Teddy Rogers
Well it sucks, its just my opinion.

Come on and give the guy a break! At least he went out of his way to try and be helpful to other people. I have no problem with anyone commenting about certain things they don't like or disagreeing with something in general but saying something sucks without adding some constructive criticism is just a bad way to go about posting. Please think on this next time you want to add a reply... :)


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ah well it's a simple explaination but it would be interesting for ppl who want to know how to do.

@P43 before judging other ppl's work look at your own!! I don't like your work very well and your website looks ugly too. It's a matter of what you like or you not like. Some ppl could like this some not and if you don't like it stop posting or give him hints to become better!


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Short but sweet! Is usefull for first time photoshop users, good work,

@P43 You do seem alittle negative and hypocritical! I went on your website and like it, looks good, The one bit I didnt like is the bit that says phuck retarded gfx`ers, to tell you the truth It makes me :angry: and Im quite a layed back person. Its very prejudice and discriminative and not at all nice, Its abit like racism which you claim to phuck and f*ck like LAMERS!

Just my opinion :D

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@Jada^AoC could you do it better? I have reached my goal im a skilled gfx er I guess you are jealous.

Why do I hate lamers?

Because some ****ty lamers tried to steal some artworks from me.

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hehe well why did i know you ask me if i could do it better. Well mate i'm also in a GFX group called CPH and done some art for some ppl who liked them. For example the newest and best Armadillo unpacker DilloDie uses my Art ;)

So long...


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Well it sucks, its just my opinion.

Well just remember this comes from someone who's got written at the bottom of his web site

"Phuck all lamers,scene phuckers & Retarted GFX'ers.

HeHe if that isn't perfect for his site :^


at least you tried to do something positive :thumbsup:

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Guest Fatmike

i think that dave1 is being sarcastic/ironic with his tut and making fun about some lame templates that were posted in the forum...

edit: i have just looked at the other templates dave1 made so i dont think that he's being sarcastic anymore :)

@dave1: for a beginner your templates are good, but you should practise more to get really good templates...

Edited by Fatmike
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Peace out ppl...

When I started doing GFX stuff I was bad too... then some ppl gave me enthusiasm and I tried to do better work by reading some tuts and some hints about photoshop.

So, let's do the same for dave1, let's give him enthusiasm... I believe he become better and better and who knows, someday, we will become better then much gfxer's out there...

Telling bad things about his work will not help...


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Guest Fatmike

@ALiEN: i totally agree with what you say. but when i saw the tut the first time i thought he was kidding so... :^

sorry about that. dave1, keep on gfxing and show us your new templates!

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