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Two Skins

Guest dave1

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Guest dave1

just came up with some random graphics,

[Random Nebula Stuff]



[Other random stuff]


PSD of first one

PSD of second one

Sorry about them sucking and all.. i just cant figure out how to use photoshop very well at all :( . Im gonna go look at some more tutorials.

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Just a simple Blureffect like it looks like ;) But nice. The first one is cool too with nice colors and another GFX like we all know ;)

Greetz Jada^AoC

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Agreed, background of second is rocking. I'd suggest trying to center more of your work, and line the controls up with one another. Perhaps a bit of symmetry if you know what i mean. P.S. I love the EngraversGothicBT font, if you could post it i'd appreciate it :)


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Thanks for the font, and the new one is awesome too, thanks :) Generally, for those who want to use your releases they will want the font too, should try zipping them with the psd, and any custom brushes etc.

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