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New Gfxs For Snd !

Guest G0TCHA

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Guest G0TCHA

Hello world !

Well, as you noticed, i was absent for a while, and i'm not back yet! i still in beijing for my training with the beijing wushu team. Today we've been given a break from a damn hard training.. and here i am ! During the very little spare time i get from training, i code and make GFX. here is some loosy stuff :








i got no much time so post your comments here and i'll read them later (i don't know when!)

The PSDs are as always here and copyleft !! Enjoy!

Edit: Here's all the art works i've done for SND till now! if they're any good, please feel free to add them to the art gallery!



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I like this colours too! G0TCHA had done here a lot of very nice skins (in my opinion), i hope some - or all of them - will be used in the future! ;):D

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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Guest DarkDragon

Can i ask some? :D

What the hell the last one is for ?! :angry:


Ok! all your GFXs are now uploaded to the gallery :D

Don't thank me for that :hug:

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Guest G0TCHA

Hello everybody !

got a small break today again from trainning, and i went online ! here i am !

well thanx all for your comments, and you DarkDragon: shut up :D !

You know what guys? i'm starting to get confused ! Most of you think that my GFXs are cool, but none of them ever been used in an SND release ! Can anybody tell me simply why?

ALIEN, when i posted "the simplest keygen template" on July 4th, he said he's going to use it in his next release! But he didn't ! He really disapointed me!!!

What i wanna know, is that, what does my GFXs need to be used... shall i add some nuked girls or what? :D

Anyway, take it easy... i seen that some of my original buttons, "blending options" are being used by Other GFXers around here... and that's cool ! :thumbsup:

Well, got no much time, i just wanna say hello! i bet you expected some new "hot" GFXs !! sorry to disapoint, my training is really killing me!

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