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Whats Happened To Olly?

Guest chok120

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Guest chok120


Anyone know whats happened to Olly?

His site hasn't been updated since:

Page created: 11.11.2000, last modified: 26.01.2005


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he is still working on next version v2.0....

yeah in his (or our) dreams I think, I seriously doubt it will ever see the light of day.

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Teddy Rogers

We don't know what he's doing but it would have been pleasant of him to have at least posted some progress news on this from time-to-time - even if to announce the project is dead. Maybe he has planned 64bit version when Vista is released and holds off releasing until then? But that is just dreaming on my part I think... :rolleyes:


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Just saw this topic and immediatly had the naughty wish to ask TEH man of our dreams... :lol:

He answered at once... nice guy... we all love him, don?t we... :flowers:

Well, he?s alive and kicking, but as Ted said it... no free time ATM.... :dunno:

His answer:

Hi Else,

> well, WE ALL wonder how are u doin??

> Since there passed a lot of time...

> Maybe u could just post some progress news on your site again,

Good idea. OllyDbg is not dead, it's only me having no free time.

> even if to tell 99% of all crackers worldwide your project is dead.


> Thank u so much!!!


> The Hoping Ones

PS: Ted, sorry for using some of your words... my english often sucks... :P

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  • 3 weeks later...

Last news posted by Olly...

Hopefully I will have more time now for version 2.0. Currently I'm working on analyzer. Global prediction of the contents of registers and stack is practically finished. This was a very hard piece, and initially veeery slow, but today I've found the way to accelerate it by the factor 100+. Next I plan to implement known functions. Debugging engine will follow.

Hope he'll come back soon! ;)

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