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Retreiving Passwords From Opera (wand)...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Just wondering if anyone knows a way of retreiving passwords from Opera's Wand in version 9?


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heres a app that says it can do it but its not freeware..i havent checked to see if theres a crack for them yet..also i dont know if it works with V9 as you mentioned..


Opera Password Recovery

Opera Password Recovery is a program to recover Opera browser passwords. The current version of the program can successfully recover Opera WAND auto complete passwords and M2 (built-in e-mail client) account passwords. The program features: an easy and user-friendly wizard interface; recover all Opera autocomplete passwords as well as e-mail account passwords; choose between two (automatic and manual) recovery modes; decrypt passwords protected with Master Password.

update..just checked..v9 isnt supported..sorry mate..i did see a release for this app though...


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Latest version ( does support Opera v9 wand.dat format ( doesnt have support for Opera v9).

Me to lazy to unpack&rebuild Asprotect v2.1 skei

make a loader that will patch:

004274CB	 0F86 20010000		JBE opr.004275F1		//here  NOP
004274D1 837D A0 00 CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-60],0
004274D5 0F8E 90000000 JLE opr.0042756B //here NOP
004274DB 8B45 9C MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-64]
004274E1 3908 CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EAX],ECX
004274E3 0F85 82000000 JNZ opr.0042756B //here JMP

now passwords are shown

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Teddy Rogers

Just tried it and it works very well for retreiving Opera 9 passwords. Thanks again for this. Oh! And who knows what will appear on the Release Page... :rolleyes:


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Opera Password Recovery v3.7.3.242



Opera is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use web browser. It has a lot of security features. The Wand Password Manager is one of them. The Wand is very secure and its encryption is very strong. Our tool is one of the first on the Net that can successfully recover Opera Wand (AutoComplete password manager) and M2 (built-in e-mail client) stored passwords. It also has advanced features to recover forgotten Master Password.


- Unlike other software, Opera password Recovery reveals all types of Opera saved passwords;

- Decrypt passwords protected with Master Password;

- Recover lost Master Password;

- Choose between two (automatic and manual) recovery modes;

- View and organize Opera cookies, favorites, disk cache, files history, visited URLs history, and AutoComplete URLs;

- Export passwords to text, html or excel files;

- Multilingual passwords support;

- Friendly wizard interface;

- Detailed help;

- Install/uninstall support.


Version 3.7.0

[+] Preliminary attack enhancement

[!] Dictionary attack bug fixed

[+] Smart Dictionary attack reconstruction

Version 3.6.0

[+] Windows Vista compatibility

[+] New language modules

[!] wand.dat v5 decryption error was fixed

Version 3.5.1

[+] Opera v9.2 support (new wand.dat v5 file format)

Version 3.4.0

[+] The dictionary file that comes with the program was expanded up to 350600 passwords.

[+] Opera v9.1x support

[+] WAND Master Password recovery speed was increased drastically (the program now runs approximately 40x faster)

[!] Some WAND Master Password decryption bugs were fixed (thanks Marco Pietri for pointing out the bugs and suggesting some new features).

Version 3.0.2

[!] Bruteforce recovery engine bug has been fixed

Version 3.0.1

[+] Master Password recovery engine

[+] New interface languages




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Opera Password Recovery v3.7.4.244



- Mask attack (on Master Password) syntax fix-up


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