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Tut01 Massive Web Tutorial

Guest P43

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I finished the tutorial, its a massive tutorial, in this tutorial im going to explain how to:

make a menu

make a contain box

make a header

slice your template

convert your template to html

edit your template in dreamweaver

... and some other stuff

This tutorial is for people who:

have no photoshop skills

have no dreamweaver skills

who want to make a hot website

who hated ifnames

With other words I wrote this tutorials for the ubern00bs. The rar files contains:

example page of the whole site we build in the tutorial


.psd files

the tutorial (.doc file)

Happy reading and comments are always welcome. Tommorow I'm going to Morocco (4 weeks), when I got back I'll write some other tutorials. Anyway here is the link:


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Downloaded, but not watched yet..... will be sure to comment just as soon as I get some free time to watch it.

Thanks for taking the time to write it!

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Yep, that old link is dead. Look here:


It should be toward the bottom of the tuts... "a complete website"

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