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The Incredible Hulk Dup2-skin

Guest bastard

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Guest bastard

Shot No. 2 in the superhero-series

The Incredible Hulk, this time dedicated to Sn'D


sourcefiles in Post #11

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Guest bastard

thx again.

if i had found an "old" classic Hulk i had made him grey.

But this is kinda "new" Hulk . . .

maybee i'll find an classic Hulk, so can make an retro-hulk-skin

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Guest bastard

No problem here are the sourcefiles :

content :

- hulk-back-a.bmp

- patch.bmp

- about.bmp

- exit.bmp

- hulk-f.psd

- hulk-font.zip

- hulk.res

- hulk.ico

- hulk-preview.jpg

- custard.nfo


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Guest bastard

thx again.

yeah that chain ladder, haha.

I thought about for hours with what i could fill the lower part.

I tryed this, I tryed that, nothin to my satisfaction.

I searched through google an found picture of that chain (to short, wrong colour).

Thought about 5 minutes, looked at the skin, looked at that chain, skin, chain, skin chain.

Ok, give it a try, an yeah, thats it ;)

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