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Doom3-like Fps Game In Only 96kb! :o


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a game in 96 kilobytes.

.kkrieger - chapter I

the infamous beta version available for download now!

.theprodukkt?s first product: chapter I of our experimental first person shooter. all the code, textures, geometry, sound, monsters and, well, lots of bugs - all crammed into 96 kilobytes.

it?s free - and there are only few copies left - so make sure to get it .now.!




A first-person shooter game with astonishing graphics in only 96KBs!!! :o

Made in Assembly language and using all kinds of tricks from the demo-scene to fit in such a small size! No bullsh*t! :D

Give it a try! ;)

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Just4info - this was coded by the famous group Farbrausch!

Read about this a few months ago in the pouet.net board - for me, this is "old" news! :lol:

btw - i think this project isn't under development anymore, because there's no update since months! :(

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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Just4info - this was coded by the famous group Farbrausch!

Yap, you're right! ;)

They even have a Wikipedia entry for the game! :P

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.kkrieger

And it says:

".kkrieger (from Krieger, German for warrior) is a first-person shooter computer game created by the German demo group .theprodukkt (a former subdivision of farbrausch group) and won first place in the 96k game competition at Breakpoint in April 2004. The game remains a beta version as of 2006." :^

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