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Jinn .....


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Just whipeed up a new sking for Dup....

Backgroud....AK-47 ( i hope you dont mind.... )

Buttons......GOTCHA-modified (i hope you dont mind.... )



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Guest bastard

nice shot ;)

how about a fighter-edition ?

Tekken, Mortalcombat, King of Fighters, etc ??

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Teddy Rogers

I tried to use this skin but I couldn't make the buttons appear nicely, they just came out black :(

If possible would you be able to change the Starzboy title to Seek n Destroy or something similar please?


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Ted....there is that problem with the latest version of Dup.....

Use the older Beta Version....Works Fine.....

I shall certainly....make it SND !

Hang on !

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Teddy Rogers

Okay, cool! :)

Only one minor problem, I don't have an older beta version of dUP at hand. Could you bung your copy to me please? :P


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anything for you ..... Ted !

Patch & Exit Font for you to Decide !




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Teddy Rogers

This may sound like a lame question and I'm completely oblivious to artistic design but do I need to use the .psd file to get the buttons to appear and if so what is the quickest way?

Don't forget you can always upload your files to the forum as attachments to save you from having to use RapidShare or other service... :)


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until we dont know what u reallly want to do with the buttons....thats up to you..... !

keep kicking around and you will find something good !

best of luck !

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