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Amazing Expanding Keygen!


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Here is my newest keygen template as coded by Ziggy! I don't think anyone has ever coded a keygen like it before and it's a fine example of Ziggy's skills :thumbsup: . The keygen expands it's shape to display the serial after the generate button is clicked.

This keygen will be used in Ziggy's upcoming TuneUP Utilities 2006 release. Below are some screenshots, as well as, a "non-working" beta version of the keygen.

screenshots removed

Let us (Ziggy and myself) know what you think!

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Nice effort guys.

Couple of things:

1- the rgn around the bottom of the serial box could be improved....

2- the generate box looks like there is some text hiding behind it?

3- clicking the 'about' button closes the serial box.... clicking generate does not close the about box. (May be designed that way, not sure, just seems inconsistent)

Nice effort though.... some effort has gone into that coding!

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Here is a screen shot of the this keygen in a new color scheme. Ziggy has used this for his latest release (AMUST Registry Cleaner). He has also cleaned up the region :D and added some scrolling text. Comments welcome!

note: This shows both the serial and about windows open. I have blacked out the serial.

screenshot removed

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This is a cool template - thanks EclipTic :D

There are a couple of keygens I've seen where the about box expands. But having the serial box pop out too is something different and I've not seen that anywhere before. It was fun coding this template to make the pop outs work properly.

This is a really versatile template so I will be using it a lot.



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