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Piracy (how It Developes)


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hey all..

just came across this...

looks interesting..i dont think this constitutes as warez so if it does please edit or delete...

"Piracy (How it developes)

It's a nearly 2 hour documentary that discusses music & movie piracy. Topics include DRMs, TPMs, the DMCA, why people pirate, what everyone thinks of it, etc. Featuring interviews with industry execs, copyright lawyers, pirates, consumers, artists, the government, and everyone that's ever said anything about piracy in Canada. "

http://www.jmcardle.com/storage/on_piracy.nfohttp://www.jmcardle.com/storage/piracydocumentary_e0f_agk2.avi <<<------im using flashget

700MB file..

peace all

B :zorro:

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