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Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
YouOS is a web operating system, and as its authors state on youos.com, it also is an experiment in a new kind of computing platform. The applications provides customers with the possibility of integrating their

Internet browser with the web operating system in order to metamorphose the browser window into an independent browser.

The authors themselves admit that the Web based operating system is at a very early stage and are actually limiting user access to it. As it is not a Windows competitor as yet it has great potential to achieve that standard provided there will be an influx of capital, time and given the necessary human resources. That’s because even in its demo phase the YouOS is already a viable and potentially lucrative project. Any user can log in and enjoy the full benefits of an operating system. It provides an interface complete with File Explorer, Trash Bin, Chat, RichTextEditor, Instant Messaging and other options. But its main feature, and perhaps its Achilles' heel, as far as security is concerned, is that YouOS is hosted completely on the Internet, having no connection whatsoever with the hard drive.

There are already speculations that will have Google participate in a similar initiative, only on a multi-billion dollars level. And in its blind competition with Microsoft, a Web based project is realizable operating system.



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