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My First Custom Dup2 Skin


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Well, I want you guys to be honest, what do you think of this? This is my patcher for BDS 2006 Trial to Retail (i don't like the SHOCK release :P )

The back ground is slightly transparent, so you can see an icon on the top. Oh, and this was created for me, thus no 'SnD', etc.


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Guest bastard

looks pretty cool, i like that cat ;)


- try a custom shape >> make the edges and sides like riped paper

- feed the cat she's skinny

- try some stains in the background

- tell me waht kinda font tha is (please)

- maybee a shadow >> behind the cat on the background

nough said, nice template

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The cat isn't mine, found it online. :( I don't have that kind of artistic talent. i will try some of the other things you said tho. Which font do you want to know about?

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Having some sort of diffrent background would definatly make it nicer, however stains?...seriously can be something better than that.

"Ripped" effect maybe, ripped and "burned" no.

Depending on what the background and look is put out to be like, a "shadow" behind the feline is not really going to be a good touch.

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Guest bastard

ok, that shadow behind the cat is a little (more) displaced.

anyway that was just a hint 4 Sigma how it could look like ;)

so don't worry, it's his Template, he decides what to do with that.

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I like the shadow and the burned look, not the stains tho. How did you do the shadow and burned look? Any info would be awesome!


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Guest bastard

All done with Photoshop.

Shadow >> make the cat a layer >> doubleclick the layer (there where all the layers are listed) >> there you find some options to manipulate the layer >> shadow

Example :


http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/2366/example8qf.jpg << copy & paste for large picture

The burnt edges are done with "Eye Candy" The filterpack is called "Alien Skin Xenofex 2" it's an add-on for Photoshop which you have to buy . . . . .

The stains are also done with that filterpack.

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Guest bastard

if I want to "cut" something out do make a layer I use the tool to draw a path (very exact) around the object.

If you look on the example from me it's the 9th tool in the left row where all the tool (bruches, eraser, etc) are.

After drawing your path (it must be closed) go to the window where the layers are listed, klick on the tab PATH.

There u'll se your fresh drawn path, doubleclick it, save it (will just be temporary saved). Then rightclick the path, choose make selection (there you can choose from 0-?, the smoothnesof the selection). If your selection is around that kitten (that sparkling line) go to layers (this time on top File, .., Picture, ..., Layers).

Choose "new layer from copy". And there it is.

I hope you can follow my very bad english

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Guest bastard

If you look on the example from me it's the 9th tool in the left row where all the tool (bruches, eraser, etc) are.


the highlighted one ;)

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I told you that I would do up a dUP skin for you.... Well, I took the graphic that you posted and customized it for you. I changed the background to black, modified the cat's eyes and claws, added the Greek Sigma sybmol, and of course the text "Sigma". Feel free to add buttons, text, and whatever else you see fit. It's a little large (to show the details), I would recommend shrinking it down a bit before using it as a skin.


Hope you like it.

Edited by Ecliptic
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