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Tuts 4 You

8bit Wallpaper

Guest P43

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Guest bastard

god damn reminds me of Arkanoid and C64.

That Wallpaper really rocks !

maybee I'll do a 8-bit Wallpaper to . . . .

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Noting = Nothing


Oh I'll call it warez language example:

Right = rite

You = yuo

**** = phuck

the = teh

section = sexshion

This = Teez


Font 1: Lord of the Sith Bitmap

Font 2: Adore64

Font 3: ?

You can find all teez fonts on dafont.com (in teh bitmap fonts sexshion lol)

Edited by P43
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Teddy Rogers

Thats a quality 8 bit artwork! I really like it :thumbs:

I've set it up as my wallpaper... :P


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Hmm, looks ok but a bit bland for 8-bit...

for inspiration, go check out...


many many fantastic intros, have a look there is thousands :)

I might suggest Genesis*Project, Enigma, AFL, F4CG, SCS+TRC, TSRI, FLT intros... :)

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