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Reshack Question!

Guest DarkDragon

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Guest DarkDragon

Please, i'm new to the forum, i read carefully the rules... and i want to ask a question:

After creating the patch's skin in DUP, i want to add some scrolling text. DUP does't have this feature, so i thought of Resource Hacker (and such resource editors)!

is it possible to add a scrolling text using ResHack?

and what about a transparent static text?

and what about a Gif animated image?

Please, can anybody help?

PS: i remind you that i'm new to the board, so don't flam me if the post is "untolerated"!!

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Teddy Rogers

I think thats a no to all three. If you want scrolling text and such things then you really need to look in to coding your own patcher... :(


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i drop it then !

....once was like you.....never successful !

but today....i try and try until i succeed !

Others who code are also humans like you......so can you be(a good code)

Dont be scared....keep trying you will do it !

Best of luck !

his is how the Fight for Knowledge begins......

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Teddy Rogers

If you look in Programming and Coding forum you will find a few topics with example code on how to scroll text... :)


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