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31 Billion Dollars Donation To... Bill Gates...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

I have always wanted to know what people with xx billions of dollars sitting in bank accounts and financial institutions do with that money when many things in the world could be put right or that money used to help make other peoples lives better. For me personally it is nice to see some of those absurdly ultimate rich people doing something good for the world with all their billions...

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will double its assets once Warren Edward Buffet finalizes his $31 billion donation. Already the world's top philanthropic institution, the Gates Foundation will expand its monopoly as its capital has grown to an unprecedented 62 billion dollars.

The money are to be used in investments following the Foundation’s new trajectory into extended financial services and agricultural programs to be implemented into developing, mostly third world countries. According to Melinda Gates, the philanthropic efforts will evolve to comprise new areas of interest, besides the traditional medical aid for poor nations and US scholarships.

For the past 18 months, the Foundation has entered virgin territories involving microfinances. With a $31 billions donation from the world's second wealthiest man after Bill Gates, the Foundation will involve itself more and more in backing-up financially persons living in poverty that are illegible for traditional credit, but it will do so only after the closest consideration. "We will learn deeply ... before we decide to invest," said Melinda.

Warren Buffet explained its decision as a way of supporting the organization that does “the most good for the most number of people", as he has declared that Bill gates is a true inspiration to him. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will receive 10 million shares of stock in the Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A) investment company belonging to Buffet.

When asked what the main goal of their philanthropic endeavors is, the Gates didn't hesitate to answer: "I think we dream in our lifetime of an AIDS vaccine," Melinda said, with her husband adding that he would like to see a cure to the world's 25 most deadly diseases.


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Guest bastard

Found in the german wiki about Bill gates :

Bis zu seinem Tod will Gates nach eigenen Aussagen 90 bis 95 Prozent seines Gesamtverm?gens spenden, "lediglich" 0,02% seines Gesamtverm?gens wird er jedem seiner Kinder zukommen lassen: n?mlich 10 Millionen US-$.

Transalation :

Gates said that he will donate 90 to 95% of his komplete fortune. After his death only 0,02% (10 Million US-$) go to each one of his kids




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I really doubt he'll leave 10mil to his kids, but it's nice to hear someone is making an effort to make world better place for everyone. Sum of 65billion dollars is really unimaginable so I'm a bit sceptic about all that. With that money alot more can be done than buy food and water for poor african countries. Money isnt invested properly. Instead of giving so much money to NGOs, they should invest in countries economies so they can be self-dependable.

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Guest DarkDragon

NGOs are not Non governemental like we really think! They are controlled by the governement under the cover of "national security" stuff. if it's not the case, why the "Bell and meranda" organisation only helps "cristian" people! why not muslisms in cousovo, in palestine, in Iraq.. why not those? aren't they "human beings"? further more, they use up their help in order to make people embarasse the cristianity.. they buy people's hearts by filling their bellies! is that what's called NGOs?!!

All what they do, is neither helping people, nor trying! all they do, is making new friends, or idiot alliances or stuff like that... truth be told!

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