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Guest Buzifer

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Guest Buzifer

Hi SND and board members!

I was looking in this nice section and just wanted to show some stuff i made with the brushes i downloaded. Its not a working skin , just a simple example.

Im pretty new to computer graphics, so here is what i learned today. :sorc:

Making shapes

Add custom brushes

Very good tutorials and examples on this site.

Best regards



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Teddy Rogers

I looks good and I think really nice. Any chance you could turn this in to a dUP skin please?


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Guest Buzifer

Yeah why not! :lol:

.RES file

dUP project

Example patch


Feel free to modify it if you want.


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Guest Buzifer
the one above looks much better than the one used in the patch xample!

You think? Thats why its hard to "improve" things :lol:

I changed the buttons and the border.

However, i think the info textbox is making it ugly, and maybe all the other text as well. This is pretty easy to remove with Reshack for example.

Edited by Buzifer
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