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Filesharing Insurance In Sweden


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Filesharing insurance in Sweden

"There are some details about a new interesting service offered in Sweden. One company decided to sell personal insurance for all filesharing fines in case some copyright organization like RIAA will lawsuit you. Magnus Braath?s company Tankafritt promises to pay any penalties incurred from crackdowns on your rampant piracy, and he?ll even throw in a free T-shirt to help you glorify your outlaw status. The price is also interesting, only $19 per year of protection. Sweden is well-known as one of the most developed country if we talk about warez, because almost everyone can get there 10/10 home connection for affordable price. There were also some governmental pressure about illegal content, so this may a nice deal for all these swedish DC and BT boys? "

good ol swedes...they gave us flt and malmsteen.. :D

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Latest news is its maybe also comming to Denmark where i live..

I dont care if i get fined for filesharing..Worst thing they can do is make my isp close my connection so i have to get a slower connection at some other isp..

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