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Teamicu Site Hacked

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Seems every little mother****er is out there trying these days, why the hell would someone hack a crackers site!

Luckily most hackers are actually helpful if you are nice to em, so I will find out how they managed to upload c99 shell.

Still sucks ;)

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maybe the crackers are hackers too !

talking about those who rip you cracks.....just a thought !

You know there has been to many discussions on your (inc. other'z) cracks being ripped !

But i wonder what they got by hacking the ICU site....they themselves are at a loss ..... no releases to be ripped !


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It was just a site defacement, I have come to an agreement with the hackers and they will not hack the server again :)

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yeh we havent had much good luck recently, if you pm Jammerdan from tsrh board and ask him to sort it out for you - he will.

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oh yeah i forgot to mention everything is ok with my account thanx to whiterat/jammerdan/melatonin...

do what whiterat suggested and all is good.. :thumbsup:


B :zorro:

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Done and done. Check both of your pm's.

However metalinux I cannot send you a PM. Clean out ya inbox.

Edited by Melatonin
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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest metalinux
However metalinux I cannot send you a PM. Clean out ya inbox.

I have been looking for your email since. I also sent a PM in TSRH.

My email has huge amount of space available (metalinux@hotmail.com or metalinux@yahoo.com).

Thank you


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  • 5 months later...
TEAM ICU forum down !?!?!

I could not open their page. Did they change their web address or something else ?

Thank you,


nah...working here mate...


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