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A Small Keygen Template!

Guest G0TCHA

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Guest G0TCHA

Here we go again. :D

a keygen template, small, contains only the minimum and in my honest opinion, doesn't look like if i did it! :(


and the BSD is alwasy here and copyleft! Play with it and make yourself a new one based on this "skull"! :dunno:


i'll be absent for a while (almost a month) (i'll go for somewhere far from here, it's in China, i'll go to pass a wushu stage there with my team next to the beijing wushu team and i 'm not sure if i'd be able to go online cause the training will be during 8 hours a day, and other related stuff all the day).

i know that none of you will miss me (cause i'm just sticking here some loosy GFXs, nothing special), But i'll for sure miss you.. i mean very much. Despite administrating few Forums, i like very much SND forum because i like it and i find it the suitable place to stick the little GFXs i make as a small hobby i can't give up.

so, see you sooner... keep it up till i come back :please: . My trip is tomorrow, so i leave "tomorrow" and come back "tomorrow".. OH, it's just a matter of time! :wub:

Sorry for the Blabla! .. see you! :blush:


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Its cute GOTCHA dont worry if u din't get what u want

sometimes we make crappy **** :P also me hehe

I dont say that yours is crappy but it looks good, simple

Anyway good luck with your training

be back soon



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Guest DarkDragon

Wow! Gotcha! it is a cool one!

so you are a wushu athlet? that s awsome, to train with the beiing wushu team at the age of 19!!

Good luck then!

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