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Snd Keygen Skin (8bit Style)

Guest P43

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Well I'm back and here is a skin I made, I used 8 Bit space style. I hope this skin is going to be used. Here is a screenshot:


Teh source:


please let me know if you are going to use this one

parse43 / ygs

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To be very humble and honest i didnt like this one.You do make some rocking gfxes,but this one...not impresive.

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because its should be animated, logo twisting,warping and moving stars all along, then it would look better:P and this palette in logo moving up & down like sinus bars

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Guest G0TCHA

if you want me to be honest and frank, then it's an excellent one... the background, the colors, the buttons, the SND logo.

it's hard to make such a good thing in an 8bit space! :dunno:

Just one thing: the font you used for "generate", "about", "name" ... is not compatible with the 8bit style!

You should have used a simple old font with stight corners and such stuff... apart that, it's a great work!

Keep showing us your talent! :thumbsup:

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Teddy Rogers

I like it! I can see what you were trying to do P43, keep the old school style. I think the fonts are just fine, not all old school fonts had straight corners... :P


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That's gorgeous, dude ;)

I do love these buttons, hope there will be some great fitting music coming with it...

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