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New Templates For Snd!

Guest G0TCHA

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Guest G0TCHA

Here we go again!

A keygen template: there are two free banners. The first at the top (supposed to hold the app name), The second at the bottom (supposed to hold the scolling text -if any-)


A dup skin: the app name is supposed to be at the top. The "SND" Logo is supposed to be colorized with your country's flag colors (if ever you are a patriot!) ...etc etc...


As always: the PSDs are attached below, and are copyleft! Just be creative and make any changes you want. Enjoy it!


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Very nice!!!! Thumbs up mate! I hope i find a bit more time next days to do some GFX for SnD ;)

Greetz Jada^AoC

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Guest G0TCHA

Oh time! it's a f?C|(ING factor that makes it hard to find free time to do what you one wants! :(

But, i often trick it! i give up some time in my "sleeping" time! Haha :lol:

Thanx Jada, and good luck with nour comming GFXs :thumbsup:

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Great GOTCHA! I just think that if you change the color of 'X' and '?' buttons it will look much better...

Anyway keep it up dude!


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Guest G0TCHA
I just think that if you change the color of 'X' and '?' buttons it will look much better.

Do you know how much time i spent on choosing those colors? about 7 mins!!!!

I couldn't find better! I was confused cause the whole template made in 45 mins, those buttons drove me crazy!!! So, try ALIEN to change those colors! Me, I give up. The PSD is available!

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Particularly the first is great, also for the shadowed letters NAME/SERIAL but I'm with ALiEN about the colors from X and ?

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