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Microsoft is launching a computer monitor that it claims will best show the new functions and features in its Vista operating system.

The software giant is working with Samsung to build a high-resolution, 22in widescreen Vista Monitor, which is due for release around the same time as the operating system.

Vista has been designed to look best when using a widescreen display, and Microsoft wants to ensure that as far as possible users take advantage of this. By producing a Microsoft-badged monitor, it can promote widescreen Vista use to those who upgrade from Windows XP or buy a new PC running the operating system.

Sumsung confirmed it is working with Microsoft to build the monitors. Ami Randhawa, monitor product manager at Samsung, said: The demand is being driven by Vista. It will be branded Microsoft, but built by Samsung.

Microsoft was contacted, but said: Microsoft does not comment on rumour and speculation. PCW.

If yo wanna run the real microsoft software, yo gotta have the real microsoft hardware! This is the new Policy! Enjoy it!

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