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Freeware "protected" By Asprotect

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While doing some FairStars keygens I stumbled across a freeware app "FairStars CD Ripper" which is protected by ASProtect 2. Strangely the other FairStars shareware apps are not protected and easy to keygen.

Beats me why a shareware house would do that. :dunno: Anyone else have some ideas?


[EDIT] Maybe they are making the point that ASPRotect is so useless the app might as well be freeware :lol:

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hmm all I can think is 1 of 2 options:

1. It has some miracle never before used technique

2. They stole some code and thought that aspr would cover it up - which it doesnt.

Past that maybe its just a random quirk of life :)

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my vote

2. They stole some code and thought that aspr would cover it up

Seen shareware/freeware apps using cracked shareware components more than once.

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Author maybe ask himself, why not to protect freeware app with Asprotect ? He can have thousands of reasons. :rolleyes:

That someone stole his code can be one of reasons, and maybe he just had bad dreams. And his reaction was to use Asprotect .. :lol::lol:

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Teddy Rogers

Possibly they also think ASProtect is a safe and system compatible packer rather than be using it as a protector...


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You'd be surprised what it might be. A lot of people decide to do this in order to have automatic order system so that they dont have to generate keys manually. As far as I remember, ASProtect asks for more $$$ if you want code generation module and they didnt think it's worth it. That's why Armadillo remained popular even through years that it wasnt hard to beat at all.

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