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Who Is This Guy?


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Maybe a strange question, but is M@$TeR M@Rk a member of sndteam? I think not, but is that a familiar name to anyone? Because in the newsgroup alt.binaries.comp are a few things posted with so-called cracks by him. Some have a trojan inside, but this one for DVD Rebuilder actually works, but it's over 11MB in size!

And there are graphics of SnD in the crack. I checked for virus/trojan with Kaspersky. Check it out at: http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...5B0F5FB5D41A5DF

Salute, Paz

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Teddy Rogers

Beware of imitations, this guy is a fake and this is not an SnD release. I have not looked in to it closely but I'd be very careful as to what exactly it patches and extracts. 11.1MB seems overly large for a patch... :rolleyes:


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Guest Hawk7

Sure enough, he has what looks like one of our logos on his patcher, but no nfo...Another wanabe imposter. :crazy:

Edited by Hawk7
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I was curious and checked the rls for a while:

1. The template was available a time ago here and he just used it. (That's the bad side of publishing all sources.)

It make more sence replacing the 'snd' tag with a custom logo to avoid this confusing, because snd is for internal only. ;)

2. The blowing filesize shows clueless patch building. He used maybe a simple attached file procedure, than a better offset- or seek'n destroy function.

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