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Attention Coffee Lovers....


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I'm a coffee lover.... a conossiuer (in my own mind). I'm always sampling different coffee from around the world. I order freshly roasted whole beans, grind them myself, and then brew. My prefered method of brewing is with a french press. So I'm wondering if there are any other coffee lovers here, and if so, what their favorite coffee is.

I've sampled many coffees... This is a list of my top ten favories:

#1 Ethiopia Natural Sidamo from Stumptown Coffee Roasters


#2 Sulawesi

#3 Sumatra Mandheling

#4 Ethiopia Moka Harrar

#5 Tanzania Peaberry

#6 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

#7 Kenya AAA

#8 Arabian Mocha Sanani

#9 Finca La Tacita - Guatemala Antigua

#10 Costa Rican Dota Tarrazu

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Guest Hawk7

I also have a great love for coffee, it could never be strong enough for me. I too, grind my own french roast beans.

BTW, some time I switch off with espresso beans... :partytime:

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Nescafe, lol. I like coffee too but not really into making it myself.


Thats just wrong...I get subjected to that in Cyprus...

But I have a 4 percolators and a lovely electric grinder :P

Coffee is the best stuff in the world, I am totally addicted ;)

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