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Razor1911 Back In Action.....

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saw this today....

Razor 1911 Proudly Presents:

NFL Head Coach

Date: June 2006

Razor 1911 News & Announcements


Yes, we are back again. We've been watching the game scene for a while and

decided to bring back some quality to it.

We might not release as often as we did years ago, but we will bring you

stuff that others cannot or don't want to release.

A note to the industry:

Five years ago it was the RIAA doing blowjobs on the FBI, two years ago it

was the IFPI doing blowjobs on the Norwegian Police and a few weeks ago it

was the MPAA having a fellatio orgy with the Swedish Police.

But we are still here, no matter how many servers your bribed policemen

seize or people your corrupt judges sentence.

We are millions you estranged yourselves from. We have had more downloads

of our releases than you have sold actual copies, we have made your games

famous! When you try to stop us, you make us stronger, when you raid our

ISP, we bring down your servers in a matter of minutes.

We are the result of the democratic system, the ideology you work against.

We are the product of freedom, what you claim that you stand for but don't

know anything about.

We are the effect of technology, the development you are trying to stop.

We are Razor 1911, we are legends and you are soon to be history!

...and by the way: STOP LYING HKAN ROSWALL!


Razor 1911 Greetings


A BiG **** to all sellers, traders and couriers. Noone needs you!

Hmm lets see...almost no real sceners left. So **** U ALL!

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I had a Warcraft III keygen by Razor1911, it worked. Don't know about the truth behind this nfo. I doubt it's real. Although I'm hoping I'm wrong.

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I had a Warcraft III keygen by Razor1911, it worked. Don't know about the truth behind this nfo. I doubt it's real. Although I'm hoping I'm wrong.

The Warcraft III keygen is old, this isn't a 'new' release! ;)

Does anyone has downloaded the NFL Head Coach-Release? Because there's a keygen *new* included! :lol:

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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well is it a pure chance that they start reversing after exact 2 years? i'm glad to see them back after this long time but is it real? or like deviance team?


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well it really appears there back cause they just released a big name game "Prey" but unfortunalty it got propered by Reloaded...(which now looks like it wasnt needed)

looks like theres gonna be a P***ing match..hahaha

Reloaded's "proper" of Prey

Proper note:

We were sorry to notice that an old respected group such as Razor1911,

unable to crack the Securom protection present in this release of Prey,

attempted to get away by using a nonretail exe version of the game protected

by Themida.

The retail version of the game is stamped

"Prey 1.0.103 win-x86 Jun 10 2006 00:44:11",

while the exe build of the nonretail version Razor used is

"Prey 0.2.99 win-x86 Jun 6 2006 00:49:30".

We hope they will refrain from such actions in the future so as to respect

the good name Razor built up in the past. We always have respect for fair

and honest competition, so we hope Razor does better in the future :)

Razors reply..

"First of all, youre right in that our crack is based on a Themida-protected exe,

BUT -as anyone who purchased an ESD copy via www.playtriton.com can easily check-

its FINAL & RETAIL. And if you would have taken the time to examine both exes a

little more carefully you would have known that they are absolutely identical at

function level (not even mentioning the performance penalty and 10+MB of useless

junk code/data your Securom crack introduces).

We conclude: invalid proper and using the ESD exe has been a reasonable choice.

(But as likewise honorable competitors well leave the choice to the users).

"We were sorry to notice that an old respected group such as Razor1911,

unable to crack the Securom protection present in this release of Prey,... "

Well, well take that for a bad joke (you should know best how light-weight

this one is) and lets see what the future might bring...)"

ive seen on sites that rzrs release is fine and it shouldnt have been propered and now Rld's release is getting nuked(maybe not-who knows..haha)....but eitherway its good to see em back..


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yup..it keeps things "spicey".. :D

hopefully they will stay here for a good while..reloaded is the only group out there worth a crap...it must be boring for them..hahaa

razor just released another game..

Rome Total War Alexander Proper-Razor1911

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Well i like competitions no way! but it's funny... they used a themida *.exe and for such game cracking groups such a protections is like unpacking upx :P

Never mind if Razor starts like $hit like other groups don't using the original *.exe but using a internet loacated *.exe they will f#ck up soon!

If they can't crack the real protection of the game they should give up and retire again! I still think that this aren't the real guys from early days coz some of them are in reloaded some in VEGEANCE (today PROViSiON i think) and so on...

Greetz Jada^AoC

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It's getting kinda funny! Razor released a Proper Version from 'Rome Total War Alexander' and RELOADED Propered it again today. :lol:

Any Proof? Here it is:

Proper Note:

Razor managed to bungle their proper of this game, they fixed the trigger

tables wrong resulting in a non working game. Look below for one example of



00DD7738: 81D285A8096F ADC EDX, 6F09A885


00DD7738: 81C285A8096F ADD EDX, 6F09A885

As for their comments on our proper Prey release yesterday. Their version

uses the Triton preload version executable which has been available for

weeks before the store date. Ours uses the final retail executable. Triton

Added that same version executable to their download package yesterday.

Their version is also not playable online with a retail serial. Draw your

own conclusions why our version is proper.

I can't wait what Razor1911 reply to them. :D


You're absolutely right, Themida should be like a fart in the wind for them! And I think "The Gods of Cracking" these days are definitely RELOADED - or is there another group which had beaten Starforce? ;)

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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provision is emporio who specialize in valve steam games/sierra,etc...

they changed there name cause emporios was crapped on..lol

from what i hear Rld has members of "old" Dev. and imrsn...not positive though...

that new deviance is not the same group as before....also imrsn "i think" is nogrp but not all of em......imrsn cracked sf back in the day..

jada is right about groups with members of other groups... :D

you guys recall reading that thing about rzrs leader trying to get "legit" job in the real world,etc..i dont think this is the real rzr anyhow...probably 1 original member maybe 2....i would think that its crazy to start up again especially since there big bust...that would red flag the feds again i would think...

"didnt we put this group in jail"..lol


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The Feds didn't imprisoned the 'whole' group - only the leader!

And if the few members left in RZR1911 think it's a good time to compete again - finally with a few 'new' members (who knows?) - why not? :)

What, if they fail (again ^^) beating latest copy-protections? Who cares? RZR1911 aren't the one and only group out there - we have RELOADED! :lol: And, btw, "Competition is good for business" - RELOADED are forced to proper some games they are might never had touched before! ;)

Think about it, that could be possible!

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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hehe well this becomes more and more childish :P But ok like i said i don't think that the new Razor1911 group is with the old members and they used a "beta" executable again! They suck and should leave the scene again!

Well there are other groups which beaten SF but they are really lazy and the SF cracker of RLD are all germans isn't this nice :D We will see what future will bring to us coz SF4 out now (Flatout2) and we will see ;)

Greetz Jada^AoC

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well competition is good, look at old scene and new, what you can quickly notice is better to download clone than cracked ver, due nobody rls patches for games. like in old days of kings of all Fairlight.

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i heard starforce was boycotted by game industry coz of some legal issues.

even i doubt thtis is the same RAZOR1911 or they wouldnt have tarnished their reputation.

i wonder how much time these guys invest studying copy protections and coding as themida==upx for them

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Razor 1911 Greetings 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A BiG **** to all sellers, traders and couriers. Noone needs you! Hmm lets see...almost no real sceners left. So **** U ALL!

I think they mean Blah?

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KK, so what's the verdict on this release?


Is it real, and buy the original Razor 1911, or a 'new' one like you guys suspect.

Also whats the address of the reloaded site?


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