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A Patch And A Keygen Template For Snd!

Guest G0TCHA

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Guest G0TCHA

Here we go again! A patch template and a keygen one.

*/ the keygen's: (the application name's supposed to be right below the SND Team banner!)


*/ the patch's: (the application name is supposed to be at the top! and the backup check box just left the "backup" text!)


NB: i've provided the direct links, just because i don't want this post to be long! Besides, they look better with a white background.

Edit: If you like them, and if i get some free time, I'll make some Tuts. No Promises yet!

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I like the banner od SND TEAM in ur first one.Looks funky!

Also the Name and serial spaces in the first one is too big vertically.Rest fine!

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Nice GOTCHA i like the 2nd one it gives a great look with this comlicated shape.

and something else the 2nd one is supposed to be for a dUP skin

I think no

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Guest G0TCHA

@ AK-47:

and something else the 2nd one is supposed to be for a dUP skin

Sure! the second's suppost to be used as a DUP skin. I don't know if it's gonna work good or not! cause i've zero time to make the RGN!

So, if anyone likes it, he'll try it! If not, bye bye!

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Guest G0TCHA


if it's "too big", Then resize it to fit your needs!!

I purposelly made it "huge" in order to make it suitable for everybody!

And thanx much :lol:

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