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For Lena!

Guest G0TCHA

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Guest G0TCHA

Hello Lena! :D

I've come across this pretty font! played with it in PS! made some cool works and OOPS! When i tried the pink color, I came across with what women do like so much! So Ithought Lena's the one deserving it!

Here you go! Hope you like it! Otherwise, I'll just scream! :dunno:

The PSD included if you wanna personnalise it.


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No need to scream : I sure do like it and I really appreciate it. Fine art too.

Hehe, baby colors are always nice :D

I'm working on an update for tut #36 using a gfx from EclipTic, this one will be next !

Thanks a lot.


[EDIT] BTW, what font did you use ? I'ld like to make the text representing the buttons in the same font.

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