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Kickass Skin For Hawk


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Guest Hawk7

Hi starzboy,

Well hell yes I like it. :thumbsup: I'm going to use it on my next release. Stay tuned,

I'll post here which one so you can check it out. Thanks bro... ;)

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Guest Hawk7

Hi starzboy, :)

I tried your patch skin however, you can't read any of the buttons on the wings, there all just blank, plus the wings are all pink. :dunno:

BTW, I totally like it, if you can fix it, I'll use it... ;)

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i did create a patch with that Res and it turned you to be pretty well !

i hope you used the rgn...

anyways ill give it a go !

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@starzboy : have you used custom dialog colors ? If you did, save for Hawk7, maybe that solves the problem.

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@lena ... well the letters are printed so i dont think it requires that/...

i guess somethings rong with the rgn !

wait !

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