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Finally, A Few 'real' Snd-skins From Me!


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Hi all!

I choosed two of my skins and played a little with Photoshop - and here are now the results! :D

01-bleach-aizen-04 (for snd only)


03-bleach-ichigo-03 (for snd only)


All needed files - like .psd, .res etc. - are included in the packed archives! Do as you like with this stuff! ;)

Download 01: http://www.mytempdir.com/745020

Download 03: http://www.mytempdir.com/745023

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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I have a tip for you, duplicate that manga render (now u have 2 same renders) make sure the duplicated layer mode is set on overlay. It will look better.

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