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Microsoft Shuts Down Vistatorrent...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
Vistatorrent.com is dead and buried, even though Windows Vista Beta 2 was made widely available on generic torrent trackers immediately following its release, joining a strong offer of Microsoft's pirated software products, unlike Vistatorrent.com, a tracker dedicated to seeding only the new operating system. Furthermore, all leeches were directed to Microsoft's site to assure themselves that their Vista Beta 2 is the original product and to get a product key.

On June 14th the tracker's administrators received a Microsoft Cease and Desist Letter informing them of copyright infringements. As a consequence , the site took down the Vista Beta 2 on 32 and 64-bit torrents that it was seeding because the Redmond company was facing major difficulties trying to provide the bandwidth necessary to handle the amount of Vista downloads.

“Our cooperation in this matter is a given; the tracker is dead. We were only trying to help Microsoft by doing this, assuming the costs and responsibilities associated with serving and seeding larger files. We did not alter, crack, hack, or patch any of Microsoft's files - merely provided a mirror for them when Microsoft was worried that "people might have problems with World Cup viewing, etc." due to the high demand of Windows Vista Beta 2”, reads a message from the administrators on the site.

Microsoft continues to recommend users to order the Vista Beta 2 DVD kit if they are unable to download it.


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Guest Forgotten

I'm sorry, I don't understand why Microsoft would attempt to shut down an unauthorised and official mirrior. Especially if its mirrioring free software.

Microsoft is becoming a control freak, they want people to ask permission if they can torrent anything... My god..

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