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Free Net To Phone Calling Of 100 Mins

Guest shah_hardi

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Guest shah_hardi


Download and get free 100 mins calling us/canada and many other country.

Moderators i don't know if this is the right place to put this msg. But its really useful so i thot i'll post it for you guys. And this isn't advertising. I'm not going to get ANYTHING if download this program or not! so please don't increase my warning level.

Also i have a request. But its not a crack request so i was confused to put it into which section.

We can register for the program only once. Then it says too many downloads from the same IP. Can anyone create a patch so that we can register for it again and again from the same PC/IP?



PS: If no one will make the patch though enjoy the free 100 mins

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First off this IS advertising, even though you may not "be getting anything out of it" technically you still are advertising, and the last time your warning level was increased was for your blatent posting of warez.

Also were doing somewhat fine here until you said, "this is not a crack request" but then totally did the opposite of what you said and basically, turned it into a crack request.

Besides, you just said,

"We can register for the program only once. Then it says too many downloads from the same IP. "

A) Not everyone has the same IP Address

B) If someone is going to use this service, they are going to make thier own account anyhow, thus also allowing them the only access to download this client, which is what it is intended for anyhow.

C) Not everywhere is FREE, if you read their policy you will see this, and in order to get free minutes it appears that you are required to click banners, and refer other people to make accounts.

As for this im closing the thread, if anyone wants to go further with this and try it out thats their own decision, just be sure to read the EULA.

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