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Keygen Template - First Attempt


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This is my First attempt at a Keygen template, im a newbie and not a GFXer so sorry if ive posted in the wrong place.

I been reading some of the tuts and thanks for em, im not the best reader so will take a while get threw em.

I havnt got the best tools and experience of them so am trying to sort that out, so parts of this was done with MS paint (lame I know) and other tools i had to hand.

Its not the best I know but it did take effort for me and I think it looks OK.



Hope you like em

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Guest G0TCHA

I did like them! especially the second!

What's bets is the simplicity!

But, Try to use advanced tools "photoshop" and his egos, you'll do great! You've got the mind of an artist, just change the tools! and see!

Good work anyway!


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If you'ld like your templates to be used --> include a download link.

[EDIT] BTW, including some more buttons in the download like copy and exit could be an asset

Edited by lena151
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Hey free4life,i think that the templates are good,even though this is u first attepmt.BTW,r there two negatives of each other?Keep trying!

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I like them.... and hey, if the tool fits, use it. Nothing wrong with using paint if it does the job.

Good efforts.

I'd suggest packaging everything into a zip (fonts, psd etc) and lobbing it on a rapidshare-esq site so that it gets used.

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Thanks G0TCHA


Wow if they could be used that would be great, would be well proud.

Will sort out a download link with more buttons also thought Email could be easily changed to Company so will include that too.

thanks for comments (just seen em) am gonna keep trying got some more ideas.

The black one is the original and second is neg of it.

Edited by free4life
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Teddy Rogers

free4life, you can always attach files in your posts here :) You can also post your templates in the Gallery. I'm hoping that we will have attachment support there also in a little while but for now you can always link files to the main forum here if you require the hosting...


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hmmm... looks like the second image is just a negative of the first.

My comments: It looks good for your first try. The texture inside the SND text is very good, but I think the edges of the "SND" is too sharp and needs softened. The other text (keygen, name, email, serial) appears blurry and hard to read. I think you should try to get your hands on a copy of Photoshop CS2 and stay away from Paint!

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Thanks for comments!

I will try and host files in forum but couldnt work out how to do it, need to get used to forum posting.

I noticed the sharp edge on SND and tryed to remove it via anti alias and soften etc, but it seem to ruin the effect in the text so I left it. It seems to look better when neg as it kinda removes it and doesnt look as sharp. Also noticed colorize seems to look ok and change just SND to any colour. Ive also been messing with text as I made different buttons for it including outlined text and misty ghost text which made me think about changing all text which seems to make it more visible. I originally tried to give all text flame effect but font was to small to take it


Ive included the source which should be very flexible as it contains all buttons text etc, Ive not included a font because its not a photoshop font i used, its name is ZIPPER BLUES and i can give sizes if needed.

Hope source is OK as it doesnt lool like other sources I looked at, just hope its usable. also no negative pics.

Source = h**p://rapidshare.de/files/23218984/SND_starfield_by_fr334life.rar.html

Will stay away from paint, and new tools should arrive soon. Thanks again.

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