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Need Help From A Gfxer

Guest Speeder

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Guest Speeder

hi everybody!

I'm working on a game right now, FreeSpace2D:


It's a Shoot 'em Up style game, and right now I'm ready with programing it, I want to make a main campaign for it with a nice story etc.

I need a GFXer for creating pictures that would tell some of the story line... Like comic style cutscenes. The game is totally non-income oriented, so don't expect anything for your work xept for being in the credits of the game and respect and thanks from me :D

Also, I would need to talk with this GFXer on IRC for example about this all, cuz I'm sure that we'd need to talk about this for quite some.

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It may not have been in vain.... Give all of the GFX'ers a chance to view this post. I would offer my assistance, but I've been very busy at work, and also with creating my photoshop tutorials. Also, I'm not on IRC... Anyway, if you have time to wait, and no one else offers their services, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

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Guest Speeder

ah, sounds nice... But I meant that seems like it was in vain as at the time I said it... NOW it doesn't seem like it was in vain ^^ And thank you :P

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Hey Speeder...so finally u r using the forums?eh? Well i m there,i would like to help u with as much as i can...just tell me!!!

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