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Hybrid Hard Drives Will Be A Requirement For Vista Premium...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
Vista Premium for mobile devices will require the presence of a hybrid HDD in order for the operating system to be installed. Starting with June 1st 2007, the Vista Premium logo will certify that the laptop carries a hybrid hard drive.

Hybrid hard drives are the next step taken in the mass storage technology. Built on traditional HDD platforms, hybrid hard drives will incorporate on-board additional flash memory. The aspect of the inclusion of flash memory in Vista Premium was under discussion at TechEd 2006, where there has been confirmation regarding the introduction of hybrid hard drives.

The hybrid drives will offer Vista Premium the extra memory that will permit power savings by buffering highly used files, the caching of which allows faster access, faster boots and increased resume process speed.

Samsung together with Seagate, the leading manufacturers of hybrid hard drive, and other Microsoft partners have already been informed that Vista Premium will have as a mandatory requirement the presence of such technology.


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When they get around the aireal density problems, solid state drives will rule the world. The transfer rates and machine (laptop, desktop, mobile) performance will skyrocket.

Gigabyte has already proved this with their SS drive unfortunately it is limited to 8 GB (4 X 2 GB) sticks but the performance was off the charts.

At least MS has some forward vision and pushing the market to better and faster technologies...........and I say about time.........regardless of cost.........change is never easy but in this case the payoff will be spectacular


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