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Goodbye Alien


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I just saw that you may be leaving the SND Team for some time :( . I would like to congratulate you on your new job, and also give out a big THANKS for all of your releases: , applications, and not to mention the time that you have given :thumbsup: . I hope that you are only leaving temporarily, and will be back.


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good luck with your new gig..hope to see you back around soon....

check in when you can ... :thumbsup:



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:(:(:( This isnt the first time I've had to say goodbye to you :(:(:(

Good Luck with the new job, I know you'll nail it :)

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Life does have an annoying habit of getting in the way of the more important things such as reversing ;)

Enjoy... and best of luck.

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Guest G0TCHA

I won't say Good Bye! I'll tell you "ALIEN", have a nice vacancy! enjoy it! a vacancy from Reversing; some rest.

Cause i know the mental of a reverser! He can't stop! He's brains are like a reversing machine! No Stop! Even being so so so buzy, he'll always try to make free time to "Reverse"!

So, we'll wait for you! I always liked your keygens, looked into them, tried to understand your Tricks... Thanx for everything! Even i'm not active in any team, I think SND's like home! They Feed my Brains, Give me Space to express (which i use sometimes in the wrong way)... and ...


Be Back Soon!

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Man, ALiEN was the first guy who used my first SnD keygen template. Why does SnD losses so many guys? The other groups like Razor1911, do they lose many members too?

Good luck ALiEN!!!


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:) Hehe. Dont give him ideas people ;):) He's still SnD :)

Eheh... yeh i'm still in SnD but without much time for cracking... for example, now I'm here just to read the news because I'm in my lunch time :lol::D

regardz to all,


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