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I have a program some calls Infovox desktop and voices to this program some is 30 days trial and the license file is a lic file some most import to infovox desktop for at take away 30 days trial I wonder what this protection calls and what Tutorial I need to read to understand this protection

my second is a sea cards installation program to fugawi

I have 2 files xxx.cfl and install.exe when I run install.exe most I put in name ,serial and registration key

I open xxx.cpl file in winrar and there can I see it is password protected so I used a password cracker program and find a password then I used winrar and put in my password and all xxx.kap and xxx.bsb files unpacked to a mapp but when I tried to import files into fugawi it failure and then I open xxx.bsb file in wordpad and there can I see a text is crypted but in old xxx.bsb files can I reading a text normal

I wonder if anyone can tell me what this protection calls and what tutorial need to read to understand this protection

Thanks kenta

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