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So the new Blueray discs are growing more popular although they are too expensive now in a few years the price will lower but will they be the new DVD? 25GB hmmm I dont think they would be used too often unless movie studios put 4 or 5 videos into one and sold them that way. I think dvd's will still be used for single movies bluerays will be used for T.V Shows and such.... What do you guys think?

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Yeh Blueray would be handy for tv episodes, I have burned all my lost eps to a few dual layer DVD's.

But then I purchased a USB Media Player - Best thing I ever did!

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Hopefully the price will lower on them soon. USB media player hmm what is the storage capacity of yours And the Average price?

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it is the future from what ive read about them...

the only problem i see is for pirates..haha

im assuming there will be alot of "ripz" (which i hate) instead of full releases because things will be massive..i think we spoke about this here before...a movie or game could be HUGE...haha

im guessing blue ray will be the norm when vista(yeah i know its around the corner but there will be lotz of people still using xp) is the main platform which will probably be in a few yrs...it will take some time for everybody to catchup and prices go down just like cds were..


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hd dvd will win, due dvd production lines need little mod to produce hd dvd, so cheaper. next hd dvd is compatible with dvd, can read write them, is already on market for long time, blue ray just starts. blue ray cant write cd's:P well cant even read them:P

and for the movies dont say you will put 5 movies on 1 blue ray, because you think wrong, due its no longer dvd so ntsc or pal, 640x480 or 720x576 max movie size. now all will be in mpg2 in hdtv so 1920x1088 so data will take more place, or it will be in x264 so it will take 4x less than mpg2, but you will have many addones or every language spoken. subs, for example concerts, shots from different angle etc. also everything can be in higher bitrate not 5mbit only 10 or 15mbit or even more

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i dont know man..." While current optical disc technologies such as DVD, DVDR, DVDRW, and DVD-RAM rely on a red laser to read and write data, the new format uses a blue-violet laser instead, hence the name Blu-ray. Despite the different type of lasers used, Blu-ray products can easily be made backwards compatible with CDs and DVDs through the use of a BD/DVD/CD compatible optical pickup unit. The benefit of using a blue-violet laser (405nm) is that it has a shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm), which makes it possible to focus the laser spot with even greater precision. This allows data to be packed more tightly and stored in less space, so it's possible to fit more data on the disc even though it's the same size as a CD/DVD. This together with the change of numerical aperture to 0.85 is what enables Blu-ray Discs to hold 25GB/50GB. "

also ps3 is using them and we all know how crazy people are about these game consoles..

"Blu-ray is currently supported by more than 170 of the world's leading consumer electronics, personal computer, recording media, video game and music companies. The format also has broad support from the major movie studios as a successor to today's DVD format. Seven of the eight major movie studios have already announced titles for Blu-ray, including Warner, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM and Lionsgate. The initial line-up is expected to consist of over 100 titles and include recent hits as well as classics such as Batman Begins, Desperado, Fantastic Four, Fifth Element, Hero, Ice Age, Kill Bill, Lethal Weapon, Mission Impossible, Ocean's Twelve, Pirates of the Caribbean, Reservoir Dogs, Robocop, and The Matrix. Many studios have also announced that they will begin releasing new feature films on Blu-ray Disc day-and-date with DVD, as well as a continuous slate of catalog titles every month. "

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I agree with you Blah Bluerays will probably just be used for Games ,T.V Shows And collections of dvd's i think HD DVd have the market for single movies though And It would be alot harder on pirates Because it would take a very long time to download and a long time to burn them so it would be better to just by them or borrow them from a friend\Rental place.

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Guest shah_hardi

I don't think it'll be hard for pirates. Coz then there will be converters available to reduce the size of such big file;)..


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You mean Shrinkers? if you shrink a 25gb file to fit on a dvd-5 or even a 9 it would be such low quality you could not tell one object from another it would be so blurry.

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yeah yeah sure thing, blue ray, so why xbox360 will have external hddvd? why hddvd is already on market? why blueray cant read write cds? well its due they didnt added red laser, because blue is thiner and for red laser what is hole or flat space on cd, for blue it can be flat. due its thiner. and finaly again blueray is delayed till september. so who will win? oh yeah and ps3 becomes crap, they lowered cpu from 3.4 to 2.8ghz, and said ps3 will be computer not console, so you can buy bigger hdd,more ram. we all know what that means, its like with games on pc. doesnt play right buy newer vga,cpu etc. same move did ms**** with external hddvd

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