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Hacker In Us Nuclear Energy Department


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Hacker in US nuclear energy department

"People on such important places like the department of nucler energy in the USA should care a bit more about their security - A hacker stole a file containing the names and Social Security numbers of 1,500 people working for the Department of Energys nuclear weapons agency. The data theft occurred in a computer system at an Albuquerque service center belonging to the National Nuclear Security Administration. The incident happened last September, but senior officials were informed only three days ago.

Linton Brooks, an administrator at the agency, said during a House hearing that he learned of the security breach late in September, but did not inform Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman about it. It had occurred earlier that month. Brooks blamed a misunderstanding for not informing either Bodman or Clay Sell, the deputy energy secretary. File contained names, Social Security numbers, birth dates , a code indicating where the employees worked, and codes showing their security clearances. Do you know where are floating details about you? Just putting your own name into Google may bring some surprising results "

google ???? hahaha



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No information about me in google but some african war hero i found has my same Name haha I wonder what that fella is gonna do with all that information he couldnt use it or he would be traced..Hmmm... he could sell it to illegal immigrants :)

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