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Patching Winmx


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i wasnt aware people still used this thing...

"The battle against false files or flooding P2P networks with bogus material is a long and attritionous fight. In fact, its been fought with such ferocity that people are willing to protect long abandoned networks such as WinMX. In addition to no longer being developed and its population reduced, WinMX diehards continue to inflate the value of this P2P relic.





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You can still download it from oldversion.com but it says it requires some sort of patch or its illegal to have on your computer.

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Yes, I use it normally, but some months ago I had to patch it because no server was working.

There is a patch everywhere in the net telling you it will work, and yes, for me it is working, in spite of my slow dial-up 56K internet connection... :D

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