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Usa-busts 08/06/2006


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yet again (seems to be happening every year now) another Bust..

kinda old news now cause this place was down for a bit but thought id share incase anybody missed it..


"FBI agents raided two datacentres with some huge sites hosted there and took down over 20 boxes. The affected hostings are Layered Tech and Servermatrix, both located in Texas, US. Owners of these hostings also provided FBI names and address of server owners so it may have serious consequences too.

The affected release groups include such a big names as FLAMES, DiAMOND, SAGA and HAFVCD (all movie groups) or F4GC and TBE (0day appz). Some of their presites were completely shutted down while others get offline due to recent events. There are also reports about one topsite with 24TB of space being confiscated in Servermatrix datacentre. The reason of these busts is quite simple - the insecurity of such servers hosted as normal colocation servers. Everyone can start such a server and its not hard for the network operators to find out theres some site with enormous traffic and huge portion of warez, and then report it to MPAA/FBI. Security should be always on the first place"


At Least Four Top Sites Busted

According to an internal scene notice, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has confiscated dozens of servers belonging to at least four top sites. The release groups FLAMES, DiAMOND, SAGA and HAFVCD, hosted by Layered Technologies in Frisco Texas, are reportedly offline. Several other affiliate sites, hosted by Server Matrix, were also taken down.

According to the scene notice, FBI agents entered Layered Technologies at 9 AM. At that point, the servers were already offline and awaiting FBI confiscation. Simultaneously, the scene notice states FBI agents entered Server Matrix's facility and confiscated 18-20 servers from yet unnamed top sites.

The scene notice also states that according to an employee of Layered Technologies, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) had filed a complaint with the connectivity provider, along with the FBI.

At the current time, the release groups FLAMES, SAGA, DiAMOND, NBP, F4CG and TBE appear affected. Release groups, or top sites, are the virtual pinnacle of the online warez scene. Most online movie and software releases originate from these sources, and slowly trickle their way to mainstream distribution methods such as the Newsgroups, IRC, P2P and BitTorrent.

At the time of publication, the MPAA, FBI, or Layered Technologies were not able to provide comment for this article.

As a final point, the scene notice closes with the following:

"Now for all groups: Leave the insecure .us colo scene. ANYONE can start a site there, and its just matter of time before LT or SM tech notices that site running there. They even forbid that on their legal agreement, and they take the box offline if they see anything related to warez on there. Now its time to act, and make the scene more secure. Finally! We saw this last year too, we saw this an year before. And we will see this if nobody does anything. F%%k to colos. **** to P2P. Keep the scene secure."

incase nobody knows what "colo" means

"Colo, means co-location as it was said before.

It means instead of having one big box, you have several servers linked together using Drftp.

Usualy topsites are runned by system administrator on business line or in a data center so linkop somehow have control on the line.

Colo site are just rented servers linked together and therefore is considered very unsecure and lame by the scene"

peace all


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