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Guest G0TCHA

Hello world! :thumbsup:

I was wondering all around the forum (cause i'm new) and i've noticed something really confusing!! :(

- Posts outta topic or missplaced get removed! that's good! But what's unbelievable, is that some Admins exchange viewpoints on movies, personal feelings (i don't know what else!) in an area which is supposed to be express for reversing or FTP sites (for example) !! isn't that "confusing" ? :o

- Some members (banned by a server) publish their IPs on the forum!! They wanna get unbanned! What the hell are you waiting to happen later: get unbanned or hacked! :o

They're newbies! But what to tell "Mr. the server operator" who asks them if their IPs are "static" or "Dynamic"! :kick:

What a bunch of victims!

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I think considering the high level of morons on cracking boards just after some free software; Teddy and the crew do a damn good job on keeping this place running smooth.

I wouldnt come to your place of work and tell you how to do your job so I suggest you dont do the same here.

I agree your point about IP's, but then if the person is stupid enough to hammer a server to the point of a ban then they deserve all the hacking they get.

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Guest G0TCHA


So you call this forum "your place of work".. and Gotcha has outpassed the limits and came to tell ya how to deal with your own work!

Sorry man! but -for a second- i tought that the forum is "ours" . Doesn't belong neither to you, nor to me!

If rules should be "respected"... it's gona be by both of us... or none of us!

Admins created.. membes give it "life"!

_\|/_Cool it man! you're losing your "sang-froid"_\|/_

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Enjoy the forum and the easy to get releases we offer. We could go 0-day and make it much more harder to get our uber releases. and make u suffer visiting crack sites full of hijacking scripts and adware installers to retrieve them.

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Guest G0TCHA

Hi! :thumbsup:

You think going 0-Day is gonna make it harder to find your "uber" releases!!! :help

Forums are not to publish releases... but to share knowledge on RE/cracking!! :^

Forums are the "open source" for knowledge! ;)

Greetz :thumbsup:

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You're right Gotcha, the member give a forum the "life"!

But I'm not agree with your opinion that this is "our" place! Every single forum has rules, on some forums they are simple and on some other like VDOWN or here it's a bit different - and in my opinion the Admin(s) damn right to do it this way! ;)

Greetz, CUDiLLA!

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