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How Do You D/l From Ms Site?


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hey all

does anybody know how to d/l the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130) from microsoft??


i want to grab the file itself not just have them install it for me...

im looking all over the ms site and cant find just the file..

i have the crack but id like to have the tool so if i do a fresh format which i plan on doing and dont have net connection i can do the fix before hand so im not screwed when i do get online and have to do all this fixing stuff...

thanx all

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Not 100% sure in this case.

Ive been cracking all the WGA stuff this last week (by the way, its very poor, eax needs to be returned as 0....thats all the function needs to pass as valid :D )

I seem to recall a collection of XP cracks which was posted by Rusty on another forum we share, and in that collection was a modified Validation Tool.

So your best bet is to pm Rusty :)

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You need cracked File that was mentioned here but now isnt...

Check this:

Removed link

or use this removed link

On this site i removed you can find latest cracked DLL ...

Not sure if like this content here, removed. -Bone

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